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7. Dare to Think

Under the credo ‘Dare to Think’ Ghent University exhibits its critical stance on society. We portray this via the Dare to Think label: a flexible framework that makes the reader think. We show that you can also think outside the box. That things are not always as they seem.


When to use the label?

The Dare to Think label is only used in corporate marketing and communication material (e.g. in corporate publications, posters, adverts, merchandising, gadgets...). In exceptional cases it can be used in other situations.


Request permission

To ensure that this concept is not undermined, this label must not be used indiscriminately. Ask for express and prior permission from the department of Communication and Marketing:

After a positive decision you will receive instructions on how to create the label.


No variations

‘Dare’ is always combined with ‘to Think’ because the emphasis is on critical independent thinking. This credo is copyright protected. Do not produce any of your own variations with other verbs.



Example 'Dare to Think' label on brochure cover (left) and inside (right)


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