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2. Digital

Handy templates for your digital communication in the corporate design of Ghent University.

See also digital templates in Word and PowerPoint to print.

2.1 Presentation slides

Download the PowerPoint (Windows) and Keynote (Apple) presentation slides here below. You can find them in one zip file with the Dutch and English templates.

The slides are programmed in the secondary font Arial, because they are often shared outside of Ghent University. For example when you use a computer on location or when you send your slides to others outside Ghent University. More info: see. 4. Typography

Put your beamer resolution on 16:9 (via 'automatic detection' or 'wide screen'). Otherwise the logo's and images will be displayed incorrect.


PowerPoint: basic slides

There is a template for the central administration and a template for the 11 faculties. In English or Dutch. The basic layout is similar, only the faculty icon and colour are different. 

Use the slide division to select the different types of slides.

Slide division




PowerPoint presentation about Ghent University

The corporate presentation introduces the Ghent University in a concise way with actual numbers about education, research, internationalization and personnel.



How can you easily adapt your 'old' PowerPoint into the new corporate design?

  1. Open the existing presentation. 

  2. Select "View".
  3. Click the option "Slide Master".
  4. Click the option "Themes".
  5. Select "Browse for themes...".
  6. Choose the PowerPoint template in the new corporate design and confirm with "Apply".
  7. Select the button "Close Master View".
  8. Check every slide and adjust where needed. Especially bullets provide some errors in the layout. 



For presentations on Apple devices.


2.2 E-newsletter

Share your news via the official e-newsletters to students, staff, alumni or secondary schools: (intranet​​ in Dutch)​

For the sending of e-newsletters or mailings to other target groups: request a template in html via

2.3 E-mail signature

The e-mail signature is programmed in the secondary font Arial, because the primary font UGent Panno Text does not work in e-mail software outside of Ghent University. More info: see. 4. Typography


The Word document contains two pages. The first page is in Dutch, the second page in English. Read the 'Instructions' here below to install the signature in your e-mail software.

example logo Ghent University (central adm.)
example logo Ghent University + faculty LW (Dutch)




  1. Create a new e-mail
  2. Clock on 'Signatures ...' in the menu
  3. Click on 'New'
  4. Download the Word file > copy and paste the text to Outlook (including the image) > edit the text. You don't need to fill in everything, opening hours for example are optional.
  5. Add a link with a route description to your office via SoleWay if needed. This app was developed by the academic department of Geography.
  6. Click on 'Save' and 'Ok'.


  1. Log in to
  2. Go to 'settings' > 'options' > 'settings'
  3. You cannot copy and paste the text from the Word template into the Outlook Web App. Type in your details manually into the field. Do this in the font Arial size 10 and respect the order as in the Word template. Make sure which line is in bold too.
  4. You cannot add a logo or image in the Outlook Web App. Therefore, write 'Universiteit Gent' or 'Ghent University' manually. Place this above the name of your management or faculty.


  1. Click on 'Extra' in the menu
  2. Click on 'Account preferences'
  3. Select 'Add signature'
  4. Apply your signature via one of these html templates


Relevant links: 

2.4 Social media and app icons

Social media

Which profile and cover photos can you use on social media for Ghent University accounts?


    1/ Cover photo

    Choose an image for example from See photography guidelines.


    2/ Profile picture

    Always use the logo Ghent University in your profile picture. Place it as one whole: do not cut the text and figure up into different pieces. Do not use other logos. Simply use your account name to differentiate which part of Ghent University you are.

    Use 'round' for profile pictures like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest. Use 'square' for square profile pictures like LinkedIn, Youtube.


    For all the corporate sub-entities like central administration, umbrella entities like 'Het Pand' or research groups over multiple faculties:


    example profile picture: umbrella entity



    For all the faculty sub-entities a colour accent is added to the profile picture. This way a faculty, academic department, research group or lab within one faculty can distinguish themselves.

    example profile picture: department within one faculty
    example colour accent faculties


    3/ Extra tips


    App icons

    Use the first two letters of the name or the abbreviation for the icons of apps/software. Design them like this:

    • white letters, centred horizontally and vertically
    • in a Ghent University blue background (colour code #1E64C8)
    • for icon on 100 pixels: UGent Panno Text Medium 70 pt
    • for icon on 50 pixels: UGent Panno Text Medium 35 pt

    example software icons: Athena


    2.5 Video

    Follow the video guidelines below for intro and end slides, the style of animation, music and (sub)titles to create a recognisable, uniform presence for Ghent University.

    These videos about Ghent University can serve as an inspiration:


    1) Animated logos

    For the editing of intro and end slides into your video: download the animated (sound)logo of Ghent University and faculty icons here below (play one after the other). The soundlogo combines solemn timpani and edgy rock and roll.

    All video fragments are available in English or Dutch: as zip-file with mp4-files, work files for software Camtasia or After Effects.


      After Effects:

      mp4 + Camtasia:


      2) Animation style

      When incorporating animation in your video, follow the guidelines for Ghent University illustrations.


      3) Music

      The right background music can be the perfect finishing touch for your video:


      4) (Sub)titles and captions

      Always use the UGent Panno Text font for (sub)titles or captions.

      We recommend always adding subtitles to your video. Lots of people watch videos without sound, for example in public spaces (on the train or bus, standing in line…).

      Below you’ll find an example of a video with titles and subtitles. You can also create intermediary slides based on a PowerPoint presentation: select a title slide, save it as an image and add it in between other footage when editing your video.

      2.6 Info screen

      As employee you can publish Ghent University-related news on the info screens (led tv screens) at several campusses.

      Only news or info with a clear and concrete link to Ghent University is considered. Commercial messages are denied.

      Video formats or moving images are not possible.



      Mail to to gain access and training to the info screens.


      One time

      Do you want to spread a message only one time? Mail the seperate image(s):

      • .png in size 16:9 landscape (widescreen) for example 1920 x 1080 pixels
      • you can use the PowerPoint template for this > save as .png


      Department of Information and Communication Technology


      2.7 LaTeX

      There are no 'official' templates for LaTeX for all faculties. Thanks to different volunteers, you can download a few examples as inspiration:


      Contact if you'd like to add your own examples.

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