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Basic principles

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1. Introduction


What is the purpose of our corporate design?

The visual identity of Ghent University is more than just a logo. The corporate design includes colours, typography, illustrations, photography... All this is visible in multiple communication channels: printed matter, websites, signage, presentations...

A recognisable, uniform presence in diverse messages reinforces our (inter)national reputation. It is a means of conveying our core values in the most authentic, credible and timeless way possible. The corporate design differentiates Ghent University from other organizations.

Both for internal target groups (personnel, students, PhD students and alumni) and for external target groups (future students, parents, partners...). So use the principles correctly and consistently, everywhere.


Creative concept: to make you think

The visual identity of Ghent University builds on our core values:


All those studying at Ghent University are encouraged to think ‘outside the box’. Our visual identity is part of this philosophy and transcends boundaries.

An identity that like our university pushes the limits and thinks laterally. That’s what the layout achieves. We take a critical look at the world. Which means nothing is what it seems.

With ambiguous illustrations and photography we show that important social themes are not always what you might first think. Photography lets the imagination work.


The visual identity shows the most elementary forms. Complexity is in the content. Not in the form.

This is evident in the logo. Where we have looked for a modern and most pure form of the recognizable auditorium. It’s also visible in the layout and illustrations.

We return to the basics without devaluing the visual heritage that Ghent University has made perceptible over the years. For example, the blue and yellow colour.


In the corporate design we find solutions enabling all faculties and sub-entities of Ghent University to profile themselves within a uniform style.

Our faculties can create their image face using a separate icon and colour without detracting from the recognizability of our university as a whole.



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