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3. Signage

Everything about Ghent University signage for employees.

3.1 Nameplate

You can make your own nameplate for the door at your office:

  1. Download the template
  2. Choose the right size: A5, A4 (portrait or landscape) OR 20x10 cm, 19,7x11,7cm, 15x15 cm.
  3. Fill in the right details. To use blanks, type a space.
  4. Print on firm white paper and cut the nameplate on the intersecting lines.
  5. Place in the case at your door provided by the department of Infrastructure and Facility Management (DGFB).

This template is in the primary font UGent Panno Text. Make sure this font is installed on your computer. More info: see 4. Typography

3.2 Other

Temporary signage at events

See 4.2 Signage


Signage at the campus

The department of Infrastructure and Facility Management (DGFB) applies the signage on the exterior and interior of the Ghent University buildings.

The new signage contains:


At the moment, the new logo and signage can be seen at certain places. DFGB will continue placing the new corporate design at every campus in the coming months.

Further agreements are made with the contact at location, who is appointed by the dean and the communication managers of the faculties.

Via this application you can ask for more signals. The requests are sent to DGFB. Do this only when the new corporate design is already applied and it needs to be corrected or changed.

  1. Sign in to Athena (personnel only)
  2. Click in the folder 'Office' on UServe and choose 'Aanvragen services'.


Car park and Ghent University bicyles

The car park and Ghent University bicycles are also entirely in the new corporate design. The base colour of all the Ghent University vehicles is white with a blue field. The Ghent University logo and faculty icon if needed is added.

All the bicycles will get stickers, some of them even have a blue frame.


Car park: Bart Bieseman

Bicycles: Olivier Verduyn


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