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Basic principles

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5. Imagery

Ghent University uses imagery that is essential and witty at the same time.

5.1 Illustrations

Illustrations by Ghent University are simple, without too many details. The illustrations often have a double, critical meaning. That is how we make people think.

The identity of Ghent University is very recognizable by its use of colours: the standard in corporate colours, for faculty communication the yellow can be replaced by a faculty colour.

The Department of Communication and Marketing makes sure that the supply of illustrations will grow over time. Do you want to design an illustration or do you know good illustrators? Contact


overzicht illustraties UGent
Examples of illustrations © Ghent University illustrations


See examples of animated video's: Start je studiekeuze!Happy 2019, UGent-alumni.



You can use these illustrations for Ghent University purposes with mention of the copyright ‘© Ghent University':

Illustration ''thinkcloud'' © Ghent University
Illustration 'open mind' © Ghent University


5.2 Photography

Photography guidelines

Ghent University has 4 photography styles. More info is provided in the pdf with examples (do's and dont's). The pdf also contains prescriptions to how you can sort photos in brochures, presentations ...


Instructions on how to sort photos (see pdf p.4)


Beeldbank Ghent University

This is a page that offers a whole range of photos taken by our photographers. You can download these unique photos in high resolution (copyright '© Ghent University') via For example:


Stock or freely available photos

Avoid as many photos from general databanks as possible. These are less authentic because other organizations use them too. Have a look at our beeldbank first.

Are you looking for a more general image? Then you can use these free websites:


Organize your own photoshoot?

Contact our inhouse photographer Hilde Christiaens. She can take pictures on location under certain circumstances or recommend contact details of external photographers.


Author and portrait rights

Always mention the copyright '© Ghent University' of a photo (for example in the colophon of your brochure of flyer). If needed, in combination with the name of the photographer.

Make sure you have permission to portray people on photos (for example in printed media of Ghent University or in presentations). Double check via

5.3 Charts and tables

Keep the imagery simple. Use as many existing charts or tables and apply simple colour schemes (no shades, degradés, edges, enz.)

  • Always use the corporate Blue in combination with the supporting colour: either corporate Blue/Yellow or the faculty colour. You can apply more colour gradation in a graph or chart for nuances.
  • Use the right typography
Graphs and tables: examples Ghent University Blue + faculty supporting colour Bioscience Engineering (in gradation of 10%)


5.4 Cartography

Ghent University has a certain preference when it comes to style of geographical maps. The main design is developed together with the academic department of Geography.

Warning! Respect the official names in the map legenda, for example the campusses: see 10.1 Language and terminology


You can embed Google Maps online: see 6.4. Embedding content


Download maps with Ghent University locations Ghent, Kortrijk via contact information:


The department of Infrastructure and Facility Management uses the same style of the printed matter for the maps and signage of the campusses.

City map Ghent
Example: city map Ghent


5.5 Pictograms


We use the font Awesome online. See the guiding lines for websites: 3.9 Pictograms


Specially for our signage, a basic set of pictograms was developed in the same style as the Ghent University logo and the faculty icons.

The department of Infrastructure and Facility Management uses these for the signage boards. You can also use them for your event: see 4.2 Signage

Overview Ghent University pictograms for signage



Do you want to use these pictograms for your printed matter or presentation? Contact

Do you want to use other pictograms? Make sure they match the Ghent University style:

  • Keep the imagery simple. Do not make pictograms that are too complex, keep them universal.
  • Use the right colour: by preference in Ghent University Blue en/or Ghent University Yellow. If needed, you can use a pictogram in a faculty colour or colour gradation.

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