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1. Print

Below you'll find templates to print business cards, letters, notes, posters, flyers, brochures, covers (for courses, doctorates ...) according to the Ghent University style guidelines.

Why would you want to print something? There are a number of advantages:

  • Some target groups are harder to reach or cannot be reached digitally.
  • A print is less ephemeral and can feel more valuable than digital communication. Some people, but surely not everyone, will hold on to prints for longer.

There are also some disadvantages compared to digital communication:

  • It is less environment friendly.
  • It quickly becomes dated. If you want to adapt something, you have no choice but to reprint.
  • Distributing print can be a logistically challenging (and often expensive) affair. You can also be left with a surplus of print material.

Create your design (or have it created) according to the basic principles of the Ghent University corporate design: colours, typography, logos, imagery, choice of paper ...

Ghent University has an exclusive deal with printing offices Vandendriessche and University Press. See also Ghent University shop for printed matter like conference folders, pens ...

1.1 Envelope, business and greeting card

As staff, order your envelopes and business cards in the Ghent University corporate design at printing office Vandendriessche.

Order envelopes and business cards

    1.2 Letter

    Download the Word template for the letter (Dutch and English version together in one zip file).

    These templates are programmed in the secondary font Arial. You do not have to convert them to UGent Panno Text. 

    You can print blank letter templates yourself or contact a publisher or printing office.


    Installing as document template

    1. Fill in the right details in the Word document, in the right language. Double click in the header to adjust the text there. 
    2. When filled in, you can save the document by following these steps: 'File' > 'Save As' > 'Document template'. Name the template fittingly. The completed template will be automatically saved in the right location.
    3. You can now easily create new documents via 'File' > 'New' > select the saved template.
    4. Print in colour preferably.



    letter UGent example
    Example: letter for central administration
    Example: letter for faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences



















    Header on forms

    Do you want to program your own form? Respect the same font sizes and principles of the letters as much as possible. Keep in mind the following things:

    • Logo: left (on top or on the bottom) aligned at 2cm from the edge, for A4 at size 4,24 x 5,3 cm. Put the logo on top on the form if you send it digitally, so it stands out when you scroll down the document. Put the logo on the bottom if you print the form.
    • Title: preferably in capitals, underlined, blue R30-G100-B-200
    • E-mail adresses and websites: entirely in small letters
    • Font: You can use the primary font UGent Panno Text only when you export these files into pdf or when you print them out, otherwise use the secondary font Arial when you digitally send the original files in Word or Powerpoint to others. See 4.2 Secondary: Arial


    Header on forms: basis


    1.3 Note - report

    This Word template (in Dutch) should primarily be used when typing a report. It is also applicable for the layout of similar documents, such as notes and doctoral dissertations. 

    The template comprises a front cover, an attendance record, a table of contents, attachments and references. It is flexible in its usage; for example, you can omit 'References' when this is not relevant, or do not have to move 'Attachments' to a new page in case of only a few attachments.

    Use the preset text styles. They have been programmed in the secondary font type Arial to avoid that the font type switches when the original source file in Word is sent out digitally outside of Ghent University.

    Preset title styles


    Only the front cover differs for each faculty. For Bachelor’s and Master’s dissertations use 1.7 cover.


    1.4 Poster

    Scientific poster

    For the layout of an academic poster, use these PowerPoint templates in format A0 (= 84.1 x 118.9 cm). Save the resulting file as a pdf and print it yourself or print it on paper / textile via the exclusive deal with printing office University Press.

    For each faculty, a Dutch and English version is provided with an adjusted logo, faculty icon and colour. A version for research groups spread over various faculties and for Campus Kortrijk is also available.

    This template is a first step containing preset basic elements such as logos, colour, frames, contact data and uploadable images. It can be used as a flexible tool; you can add or delete elements in either the slide or the ‘slide master’.

    Use a computer on which the font type ‘UGent Panno Text’ has been installed. You can of course in- or de-crease the text size or adjust the number of columns according to your content.


    Example of scientific posters faculty of Arts and Philosophy (format A0)


      Poster for campaign or event

      Do you want a poster for a project or event?

      • A poster stands out when you have a great combination of text and images. Create an unique image which matches within the imagery (photo, illustration, ...).
      • Our corporate design is very recognizable via logos, colours, typography, imagery, grid with blue colour fields. Keep in mind all these basic principles.

      You can print your poster via the exclusive deal with printing office University Press. They can also design for you using fixed templates. 

      If you prefer to use a more complex layout, the department of Communication and Marketing can help you find other graphic designers that know the corporate design perfectly:

      See examples here below and at brand portfolio:


      Example: posters Student Counselling Office
      Example: posters with illustration or photo


      1.5 Flyer

      The same principles of the poster need to be applied to the flyer. Preferably, work with graphic designer that can create something unique for you that matches the Ghent University imagery. This way you message will stand out.

      The department of Communication and Marketing can help you find a graphic designer that knows the new corporate design perfectly:


      Is it not possible to work with a graphic designer? Download these Word templates to design:

      1. A5 flyer (cut A4 in 2 parts)
      2. tri-fold leaflet ('zigzag-fold' or 'Z-fold' A4 in 3 parts)

      Use a computer on which the font type ‘UGent Panno Text’ has been installed. Then edit your text. You can adjust the darker blue title area. The light blue background can also be replaced by another picture. Save the result as a pdf and print/cut/fold this preferably in a professional printing office.


      Example: flyer A5 (left), tri-fold (right)


      1.6 Brochure

      Make sure the publication of Ghent University has a professional layout and finish.

      Ask for a graphic designer if you want to publish something, don't just do this in a Word file. Do not print out the file yourself, but go to a printing office

      The department of Communication and Marketing can help you find a graphic designer that knows the new corporate design perfectly:

      1.7 Cover


      Conference folder

      Order the A4 folder for event via the Ghent University shop.


      Bachelor and Master dissertation

      Use this Word template as a front cover for your Bachelor’s, Master’s or optional doctoral dissertation. Available in Dutch or English.


      Example: cover Faculty of Sciences


      Courses, essays, invitations...

      See list of publishers and printing offices who can make a cover in the corporate design for you (with professional graphical software).


      Is it not possible to work with a graphic designer? Download this Word template to design a simple A4 cover. 

      Available in Dutch and English. Use a computer on which the font type ‘UGent Panno Text’ has been installed. You can replace the coloured area with a picture if you like.


      Lannoo cover voorbeeld
      example: cover course Academia Press
      example: cover course deBOEKMAKERIJ
      example: cover course deBOEKMAKERIJ
      example: cover doctorate University Press

      1.8 Printing services

      These publishers and printing offices can print, and (if you wish) also design, for you according to the Ghent University style guidelines.


      For envelope, business and greeting cards:

      Drukkerij Vandendriessche
      Kardinaal Mercierstraat 15, 8000 Brugge
      T +32 50 33 28 37


      For posters, flyers, leaflets:

      University Press
      Rechtstro 2, 9185 Wachtebeke 
      T. +32 9 342 72 25


      For covers and other:

      Other printing offices who are to willing to apply the corporate design correctly, can send an e-mail to to be added to the list below:


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